EALA starts off session on rocky grounds after members fail to agree on electing of speaker

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BY CORRESPONDENT,ARUSHA,18TH DEC 2017-The east African legislative Assembly (EALA)  may be headed for a rocky start after members disagreed on the choice of who becomes speaker.

This is after Burundi and Tanzania  stayed away of the first sitting on Monday which was mainly used to swear in Members  to the assembly mainly from Kenya.Members have been appealing to the two to come back into the chamber.

Burundi insists that it be given the speaker’s slot while Rwanda also on the other hand claim that it deserve  the post.

In the morning session Burundi suggested that they use Alphabetical order in electing the speaker which could have assured them of victory.However the suggestion was met by resistance from other member countries  including Uganda who say that if the format was to be used even Tanzania will deserve to be considered.

Despite the stand off  there seems to be efforts also to lock out Rwanda from the speaker’s race.

Paid without work    

If the  speaker is not elected anytime soon it means that EALA will have a hard time rolling out its plan of work considering that it is already late after Kenya delayed in forwarding names of its representatives.

Members may be paid without working until that moment when speaker is elected.

To ensure that business of the house is not delayed  heads of states of concerned countries may be forced to intervene and have gentleman’s agreement on the thorn issue to determine the speaker.

The seat  was previously held by Daniel Kidega of Uganda before the house broke.

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