Deputy President William Ruto urges Governors to forge a united bond with National govt to actualize development agenda

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BY CORRESPONDENT,KWALE,16TH DEC 2017-Deputy president William Ruto has urged the governors  to  work together closely with the national government in order to achieve the development agenda of both governments in the next five years.

Addressing governors during the closure of the three day’s induction meeting for the newly elected governors and those who were re-elected during the August 8 on Saturday in Kwale,Deputy president  says the national government intends to work with the governors on several key economic pillars among them Security,Agriculture, housing and water.

Ruto says the tow levels of governments will work closely in Agricultural sector with the aim of creating jobs,and increasing values addition. ”There is an already existing framework what needs to be done is that cohesive relationships between governors and the government,we will not only create jobs but also value addition”.he said.

On housing the deputy president has urged the governors to  keenly look at the areas that are important to them in their respective counties with the aim of   establishing affordable housing for all and also bring on board the national government.”We expect that counties will look at the areas that are   important to them  and find a common ground where we can work together with the national government”added deputy president.

Deputy president William Ruto during the closure of induction forum for Governors in Kwale-COURTESY

The deputy president has also urged the  governors to ensure that public resources allocated to counties are used prudently. Ruto says it was only through accountability that the tax payers money will be of real value to them .He further added that  those who will misuse fund will be dealt with in accordance to the law.

”We must also be responsible with what is entrusted to us  otherwise we will not achieve any meaningful development”.He warned.

The deputy president also urged governors to be defenders of the devolution in the their counties but ensuring that they engage all players in making sure it successful.”We are great believers in devolution; it is a pathway to equitable development, Let us continue engaging with all players to make it a success.he said.

On health the deputy president underscored that national government’s commitment in improving health care delivery across all counties by ensuring that national health insurance funds get to everybody.” We are using the NHIF to drive access to healthcare for all Kenyans, Counties have a great role to play in bringing this to fruition”.he urged.Ruto also promised that  the national government will  work with counties to create ICT hubs so that youth can get opportunities to  engage in online work.


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