repatriation of Somalia refugees from Daadab  planned for Wednesday postponed

repatriation of Somalia refugees from Daadab planned for Wednesday postponed

BY CORRESPONDENT,DAADAB,13TH DEC 2017-The scheduled repatriation  of Somalia refugees leaving in Daadab refugee camp  that was planned for today Wednesday December 13, has been postponed.

This is due to the ongoing talks between the area leaders and various aid organizations operating in the area.According to Daadab MP Muhamed Dahir  there has been  a conflict pitting the locals and the refugees as regards to job  opportunities

.The Mp says the area youths have been left jobless since the refugees have taken up all jobs available.”The major problem has been that the law in this country says  that once the refugees are in the country they are suppose to stay in the camp and be provided for all their needs  but the situation has not been that way in Daadad”.He said.

The refugees have instead  been forced to work just like any other resident to cater for their needs.Dahir also says the only way to solve the problem is for all organizations providing help to refugees in the area to ensure that the locals also get a portion of the jobs offered.

The other issue according to DAHIR has been a case where refugees slowly return in the camp after they have been taken home ,making it difficult to manage some important resources.

The talks being  held brings together   members of the county assemblies from the larger Daadab and the surrounding constituencies and heads of aid organizations to look for lasting solution.

Dahir also wants the issue of the land been used by refugees addressed.According to him the land is another conflict  area pitting the two sides as the residents are herders  who have no where to  graze their livestock.He wants the locals compensated.The Mp has also denied reports that for the last two weeks refugees have been denied basic needs such as food,medical attention or even care.”There has been no such a thing,the services have continued to be offered as normal to the refugees and nothing will change.”he added.

On his side the aid organizations coordinator  John Bosco has hinted to WWW.UPESINEWS.CO.KE that the repatriation of refugees  will continue on Thursday December 14 after the ongoing talks to solve the stalemate are completed.”The thing is this being a voluntary repatriation plan ,we want to ensure that those willing to go back home do that as a choice and those who remain behind should also feel and continue with their normal life”.he said.

So far Kenya has returned  home  74000 refugees since the year 2012 who went back to Somalia as the horn of African country continue to experience return to normalcy. The current plan target over 40,000 others who will also return on voluntary basis.


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