President Kenyatta insists that time for politics is over,it is time to serve Kenyans

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BY JOHN WERU/PSCU, 11TH  DEC 2017-President Uhuru Kenyatta has reiterated his position that he will not engage in any politics related talks.

Speaking on Monday during the unveiling of the Nairobi county   government Data center ,Kenyatta said he was ready to engage in any talks meant to benefit all Kenyans and improve service delivery. ”Am willing to have any other talks as long as it it benefiting Kenyans,but  not politics,politics is over its time to serve  Kenyans” said the president.

President Kenyatta urged Kenyans to unite and work together regardless of the tribe or party for the sake of the growth of the country.

He has further   appealed to leaders to focus on development agenda   and deliver the promises they made to the people.

Hi sentiments were echoed by deputy president William Ruto who said that all parts of the country now needed better services as well as Nairobi.The deputy president adding that the Jubilee administration is committed to serving all equally irrespective of political,religious and tribal basis.”It is the capital city of Kenya just like any other part of this country we need better services.”he said.

The world class data centre launched  will be the backbone of the Information Communication Technology transformation road map which will ensure faster and better service delivery in the city.

On his part Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko said the communication infrastructure will digitize services and operations in the county by automating all services to serve all equally.

President Kenyatta witnesses the unveiling of the Data Center-COURTESY

According to governor Sonko  the system will move the county from offering manual, paper-based, cash-based services to digital solutions making  it easy for everyone to access and pay for services nearer and safer.

“The public will enjoy easy payment solutions from wherever they are, using their computers and mobile phones,” said Sonko.

With the data centre, the county government will roll out emails for all staff, install modern telephone systems in all offices and establish a modern website.Sonko added that they will install service centers in all the 43 post offices in Nairobi in order to bring services closer to people and that there will be no cash transactions in the county other than through the bank.

“No more cash transaction will be accepted, from rates, single business permits, parking, water, food handling certificates, market rents and many more,” Sonko said.

Governor Sonko also appealed to president to intervene and have the treasury release  funds meant to fund the services of the county governments.” I appeal to you your excellence to intervene   and have treasury release funds to enable us functions”.said Governor Sonko.



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