Nurses union call for action to ensure health facilities safety

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BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,9TH DEC 2017-Kenya National union of Nurses is calling upon the inspector general of police Joseph Boinet to explain under which circumstances did a mentally ill patient was allowed into a clinic in Nairobi carrying a gun lading to death of a nurse at the facility.

Kenya National Union of Nurses secretary general Seth Panyako  has termed the incident in which a patient shot dead  Mr Faustine Mwadilo Mwadime a  nurse at Chiromo Lane Medical Centre on Wednesday night as an indication that all was not well security wise in most health facilities in the country.”If a mentally ill patient can get access to a health facility with a gun then we are in a major problem as a country”.he said.

Addressing the press in Nairobi on Saturday Panyako has also questioned the process used by police to license gun holders asking under which circumstances a mentally ill person was licensed to carry a gun.

He has further called upon the government to immediately team with health workers stakeholders and come up with a policy that will ensure patients, doctors and their relatives working in hospitals across the country are safe.”We want to ask the national government  to immediately convene a meeting with health workers stakeholders to draft a policy protecting the lives of  people visiting or working in these  health facilities because no one is really sure of what may happen”.said Panyako.


The nurses union has also urged employers of health workers to allow them join the union of their choice on order to have their rights defended.

According to Panyako most health facilities with more than five health workers in the country are not sure if those workers belong to any union which in most cases has led to them suffering when it comes to defending  their rights.



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