We will not be intimidated, says NASA  dismissing AG Muigai’s sentiments on Odinga Swearing in

We will not be intimidated, says NASA dismissing AG Muigai’s sentiments on Odinga Swearing in

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,8TH DEC 2017-The national Super Alliance has dismissed the attorney general Githu Muigai’s sentiments that swearing in of the leader Raila Odinga will amount  to treason.

National Resistance movement leaders addressing the press on Friday at the Okoa Kenya offices in Nairobi   says the AG is within his right to declare any position but as for them the plans are still on as earlier communicated.

According to  Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Executive Director Oduor Ong’wen the coalition  the event  is on but did not diclose details of the venue.

“We will open with a national anthem followed by prayers led by various religious leaders. Then there will be a formal declaration of the congregation gathered. The fourth item will be adoption of the agenda. The fifth item will be the inauguration of the leadership and the sixth will be the address by leaders of the assembly,” said Ong’wen.

 The Executive Director also said that a secretariat has been put in place to manage the logistics of the constitutive assembly.

“Since this committee was established last week we have put in place a secretariat to manage the work of the preparation of the assembly. The secretariat will be based at Okoa Kenya and the head of that secretariat will be Dr Noah Akala,” said Ong’wen.

The NASA announcement follows  Attorney General Githu Muigai’s position given on Thursday  December 7, that swearing in of Odinga  was similar to treason  warning of dare consequences to those involved.

Odinga’s swearing in is planned for Tuesday next week which  will be on December 12,the Jamuhuri day which is  set aside for marking the day Kenya attained internal self rule


The coalition has also unveiled  the People’s Assembly road map towards a fresh  free and fair election within the first half of 2018 .It will also be used to  pursue avenues for self-determination for those who believe in democratic constitutionalism.

“When the people of Kenya gave unto themselves a new constitution in August 2010, their collective hope was that they had buried a political culture where elections were mere periodic rituals and ushered in an enduring era of genuine democratic exercises where their votes count and are counted,” said Ong’wen.


Among the milestones that have been achieved so far towards the People’s Assembly objectives according to NASA includes consultations with key stakeholders, the successful drafting and sharing of the PA motion with county assemblies, tabling and adoption of motions in the county assemblies.

So far, around 11 County Assemblies have passed the motion even as the Attorney General Githu Muigai said by passing the motion, the Assemblies have in effect handed the power awarded to them by the electorate back to the people.

“By establishing People’s Assemblies, the respective County Assemblies may be deemed to have rescinded their elected representative roles, as they have handed back to the people their sovereignty as initially delegated through Article 1(3). Members of the said County Assemblies may be construed to have vacated their seats, and the attendant consequences thereof.”

The  coalition  also says the mini Council of the People’s Assembly which was recently held at Maanzoni Lodge and the establishment of the organising Committee forms a crucial part of the roadmap .

The coalition now moves to the second level of the milestones with the convention of the Constitutive PA at the national level on Tuesday at an unspecified location.

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