NASA strategist David Ndii’s wife condemns move to arrest,detain him

NASA strategist David Ndii’s wife condemns move to arrest,detain him

BY NAMULONGO PETER,CORRESPONDENT,4TH DEC 2017-National Super Alliance (Nasa) Chief Strategist David Ndii is held up at the directorate of criminal investigation on Kiambu road  after he was arrested in Mombasa on Sunday.

It is not clear why he was arrested but  sources say the move is associated with his involvement into incitement.Earlier on Monday his lawyers led by James Orengo visited him and condemned the move accusing the government of arbitrary arrests.

His wife Mwende, who spoke to the press in Mombasa says the couple and their daughter were staying at  Leopard Beach Hotel in Diani, Kwale after they had attended a wedding on Saturday  before  officers pounced on Dr Ndii outside the hotel late in the evening.”We had not come here for any forum or political meeting we had come for a wedding that was on Saturday here in Mombasa,we planned to stay for a few more days because our daughter has closed school and she loves the beach”,Ms Mwende told the press on Monday.

She says the move is meant to intimidate him and erode democratic gains achieved in the country since independent.

She said the arrest on Sunday evening was carried out by seven officers who said they were from Flying Squad.

Reports indicate detectives from the Special Crime Prevention Unit were also involved in the operation shrouded in mystery.

Mrs Ndii said the officers said they were taking her husband to Diani Police Station but she did not find him when she went there 10 minutes later.

After the arrest, the police proceeded to the hotel room where the couple was staying for a search, she said.

The detectives were looking for Dr Ndii’s laptop with the aim of extracting information related to Nasa plans and programmes.

Ndii was  recently appointed to lead Nasa leader Raila Odinga’s push for electoral reforms  through People’s Assembly being spearheaded by the coalition.


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