A family in Thika bears the pain of  baby admitted with needles lodged in her body

A family in Thika bears the pain of baby admitted with needles lodged in her body

BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,3RD DEC 2017-Parents of a 10 month old Baby Jane Wairimu in Thika Kiambu county are a worried lot after their daughter was admitted at the Thika level five hospital last month after her health became suffering .According to the  mother Ms Jacinta Ndung’e  she noticed  her child could not sit down well without much discomfort.

It is after she was examined that doctors found 14 sewing needles in her buttocks the reason for the discomfort.So far, 13  needles have been removed through surgery but the last one is still lodged deep in the child’s flesh; also in her buttocks.


The mother who  spoke to WWW.UPESINEWS.CO.KE  says it was by luck that the condition of her child was discovered on time.“It was during my stay at the hospital that something sharp pricked my fingers as I changed my daughter’s diapers.

I called the nurse. She made a slight incision and out popped the first needle,” said Ms Ndung’e.

The mother has however not been able to explain why  needles could have entered the baby’s body terming it  mysterious.

“I neither believe in witchcraft nor do I have a grudge with anyone. This is the most puzzling experience,” she said.

Doctors fear removing it could injure the child’s nerves and other blood vessels.

“Much as removing it is risky, it’s important to note that it cannot kill the child. It is lodged in her flesh, but at a deeper level compared to the others that were removed successfully, the child shall stay at the hospital as doctors ponder their next move.

“The child is however fine and stable,” said Dr Jacob Toro, director medical services in Kiambu County.

As Doctors at the  Hospital  continue to  plan the next move before they can  discharge the baby  the question that linger in the minds of many people is what really could have caused  much pain to such  an innocent child ?




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