Transparency International Kenya launches strategic plan 2017-22

Transparency International Kenya launches strategic plan 2017-22

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,29TH NOV 2017-Transparency international Kenya has launched its strategic plan running from 2017 to 2022.

Speaking during the launch  in Nairobi on Wednesday 29,TI- Kenya board of Directors chair Mrs Bernadette Musundi  outlined the journey the organization has traveled through the last five years  which has seen improved  manner in which corruption is fought.She says the TIKenya has worked with various public and private organizations in creating awareness on how to fight the vice.”In the last five years we have participated in drafting laws that have had a major embarked on fighting corruption in education,governance  ,health sectors among others”.she said.

She has added the new strategy 2017-2022 will aim to leverage on gains made so far in winning the war against the vice going forward.

She has however lamented that despite  efforts  directed in the fight against corruption in the country the problem continues to be even more complex due to several factors among them lack of cooperation between various organs of the government.She has added that  it was time to change the strategy all together if the war will be won .”Despite the efforts corruption still a major challenge, We must now change strategy,if we have to succeed we must change the tide looking at it in a different way”. she said.

According to Musundi  members of the public must now take upon themselves to fight corruption by rejecting any attempts that jeopardizes the war against it.

Those in the position of power must be held accountable in deed not in words only.She has further added that the greatest undoing has been words from those in power to deal with corruption and yet nothing substantial has been forthcoming.”The most unfortunate thing is that for us as a society the corrupt are celebrated and not held responsible”.She added.

In the new strategic plan  Transparency international Kenya  says it will support and facilitate  policies ,involve private and public sectors as well as  the government.Mrs Musundi has also urged the government to ensure that there was equal distribution of the national resources saying that  it has been a major contributor of corruption especially in the public sector.

Her sentiments have also been echoed by Swedish Ambassador to Kenya Anna Jardfelt who says it was time for the government to rise up to the occasion and fight corruption.She has added that  a lot of funding from overseas has not helped much due to mismanagement ad poor strategy in fighting graft.She has promised that Sweden will continue to cooperate with Kenya in war against graft.She has urged private sector to join hands with government in the war against corruption.”The war against graft has never been won by any single individual or government it is a collective responsibility”she said.

THE 2017-2022 STRATEGY

The strategic plan will mainly focus on three major areas  which are ,public accountability,  economic and  accountability and Development institutional framework.

”The major problem has been political with lack of good will”.says The transparency International Kenya Executive director Samuel Kimeu.According to Kimeu the war on graft has been dealt a blow since 2010 where it is never a priority  in as far as Political players are concerned. He has urged the public to play more watchdog role adding that it was the only way the fight against corruption can be won.

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