Natioanl Assembly resumes sittings with  major tasks a head

Natioanl Assembly resumes sittings with major tasks a head

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,29TH NOV 2017-The National Assembly  has resumed   it’s sittings after a three week break.Members of parliament resume sittings with  several key responsibilities  on the table.

Among what is seen as of a priority are   the CARA bill, which provides for horizontal sharing of county revenue, was passed early this month and it requires the concurrence of the National Assembly before it is sent to the president for assent,a private member motion on pavement of roads for use by pedestrians and consideration of the County Allocation of Revenue (Amendment) Bill from the Senate.The Mps will also be considering  the appointment of members to the committees on Appointment and Selection.

Parliament breaks next week on Thursday for a ten week breaks that will see Mps take Christmas break until early February .

In the morning session members of the opposition were asked to come up with a list of members who will sit in the  house business committee so as to facilitate the operations of parliament.


The committee on appointment  is chaired by the speaker  who is responsible for fixing members in various house committees.

No committees have been constituted  Since the first session of the 12th Parliament was inaugurated in September a move  that has made it difficult for the House to perform its functions.

Among the business awaiting committees include consideration of bills, petitions and also questions from members.

The majority of  parliamentary responsibilities are carried out  through various house committees.

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