We must all  live in unity ,adhere to the rule of Law,Uhuru urges Kenyans

We must all live in unity ,adhere to the rule of Law,Uhuru urges Kenyans

BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,28TH NOV 2017-President Uhuru Kenyatta  has insisted that  every Kenyan must  be ready to respect the rule of law  going forward.

Speaking after he was sworn in at the Moi Kasarani stadium,the head of sate says his administration had demonstrated that it was ready to abide by the rule of law since the time they had cases at the international criminal court as well as during the electioneering period.”When the Supreme Court ruled to invalidate our election despite having won and being told that the processes mattered more than your vote, we complied” He said.

”For those in doubt let me remind you, when a foreign court ICC demanded our compliance despite our serious misgivings of the process, we complied” he added.

The president has also said that his inauguration  into office marks the end  the electoral process and expects the country and other political leaders to be content with the situation.”Today’s inauguration therefore marks THE END and I repeat THE END of our electoral process”he emphasized.

The president has also promised to safeguard the  interests of all those who voted for  him  and those who did not.He has urged Kenyans to eave in unity and peace irrespective of their ethnicity.

He further urged all elected leaders to join him in discharging his duties adding that the task a head needed unity  of purpose.

Key priority of the Jubilee administration in the next five years

The head of state has also called upon all arms of government to work together in perming their respective duties.Kenyatta specifically gave a warning to the public service commission that he will not allow any laziness and mediocrity in delivering services to Kenyans.

To the judiciary the president said they will be having task to ensure that cases do not take too long to be decided as it has been the case before a move he said has led to wastage of tax payers money and ruined the economy.

The president has also outlined the highlights of his five years term in office saying that his priority will be  to create more jobs and affordable accommodation. ”My administration will move to create 500,000 new home owners; we will focus on attracting both private and public sectors the injection of patient low cost capital into the housing sector”.he said.

On the health front  the president said Within 5 years of his administration he will ensure that 13M Kenyans and their dependents are beneficiaries of NHIF.

The president also directed that with the effect of 1st Dec 2017 the power tariffs be reduced by 50 per cent for Manufacturers,this he says will ensure manufactures produce their goods at an affordable.”I have directed that with the effect of 1st Dec 2017 the power tariffs by 50 per cent for Manufacturers”he added.

East African Community

The east African community citizens have every reason to smile after the president declared that EAC nationals are free to work in Kenya without work permits; Kenya to issue Visas on arrival for African visitors.

The president also says that the move is geared towards realizing the dream of east African community.

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