DP Ruto :It is time to reject hate and divisive politics

DP Ruto :It is time to reject hate and divisive politics

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,28TH NOV 2017-Deputy president William Ruto  has urged Kenyans to reject any attempts from politicians to spread hate and divide them along political and ethnic basis.

speaking after his inauguration at Moi sports center Kasarani on Tuesday,the deputy president said the just concluded election was mainly based on issues affecting Kenyans.”This election was different as it was about issues, issues that affect people of Kenya,it was about  the infrastructure, it was about development”.he said.

He says for there to be  peace there must be  justice,neither can there  be justice without respect to the rule of law and the constitution.Urging Kenyans to ensure that the law is respected.

The deputy president acknowledged  that after their victory the Journey a head into the coming five years of their rule will not be easy considering just how the country is divided.

He promised that as they embark on the last five years in office they will stand behind Kenyatta.”Your excellence the president we promise to stand behind you and support you”.he added.


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