Africa must pay critical attention to drug trafficking Menace -Matiangi

Africa must pay critical attention to drug trafficking Menace -Matiangi

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,27TH NOV 2017-Acting interior cabinet secretary  Fred Matiangi has called upon the African countries to critically look at the challenge of drug trafficking and come up with measures to curb the menace .

Addressing an international conference on drug trafficking in Nairobi on Monday November 27,Matiang’i  said despite many strategies  put place in many countries to  solve the problem it has remained just a dream not realized.

The CS lamented  about the new ways in which drug traffickers have devised to carry out their trade where they have permeated prisons and other places that formally could not be imagined.”I think if we are to slay the dragon of drug trafficking  we must have a multifaceted approach, we have to bring synergies together around this subject”.Matiangi said at Windsor hotel.

The CS also revealed that drug traffickers are now targeting local universities as a channel to ply the trade.According to Matiangi over 30 foreign students have been deported back to their country after they were found to be assisting drug cartels in various universities.

Matiang’i   has outlined  several key challenges he said are a major setback towards fighting drug menace  .According to the CS  emerging issues such as corruption,governance instability and money laundering  have made it hard to fight the challenge.”The danger that  awaits us is  if the drug traffickers make it to the organ of decision making in governance,it will be more than difficult but we must act now”.He added.

Matiangi has also urged the African unity  to be on the forefront in fighting the menace through a well coordinated approach that will involve all member countries.He says it is only through such a manner in which the continent will overcome.

Additionally the CS has urged for strong legal and institutional framework that will ensure that all efforts of concerned governments are recognized.”We must also collaborate it can never be left to one single country or block”.he said.

The CS also assured those attending the conference that the Kenyans government is  willing to cooperate and provide any assistance in ensuring that efforts from African nations in curbing the drug trafficking menace were fruitful.


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