Uhuru urges Kenyans to Respect the ruling of the supreme court which upheld his win

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,21ST NOV 2017-President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged all Kenyans  to respect the ruling of the supreme court which upheld his re-election on 26th October.

In a statement issued on his behalf by State house spokesman Manoah Esipisu ,the president says  by respecting the ruling of the court we abide by the constitution which is supreme to all.”Instead of anarchy we have chosen the constitutional way which is the rule of law”.he said.

The president also regretted the deaths of innocent Kenyans who have lost their lives following the just ended electioneering period saying that nobody should die because  of their political affiliation.

Kenyatta also said it was unfortunate that many kenyans lost their businesses and livelihoods through vandalism and looting that was  witnessed promising to work together with all those who lost their property to ensure that they are back on their feet once more.”I also regret the destruction of businesses and property through protests witnessed in the country in the recent past i look forward to working together with all the affected to see to eat that they are back to their normal self.” said the statement in part.


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