KNUT is intact and nobody has been kicked out-Sossion

KNUT is intact and nobody has been kicked out-Sossion

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,12TH NOV 2017-The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General, Wilson Sossion, has denied claims that there was  serious rifts in the union with reports suggesting that  outgoing chairman Mudzo Nzili had been forced out.

However  Sossion on Sunday while addressing the press in Nairobi  denied any such reports , saying that the union had “exercised a lot of internal democracy” and had transited to a new chair within the confines of the teachers union laws.

“We don’t kick out anybody. We have got organised transition of leadership in the union, and all that is casted in the constitution of the Kenya National Union of Teachers. I would like to allay fears that there is a split in the union. In fact, there is a lot of constitutional order,” said Sossion.

The KNUT Secretary General also called on any aggrieved parties to either lodge a complaint with the teachers union leadership or resort to judicial means.

“If any citizen is aggrieved, he is free to complain to us as a leadership, or to move to court,” Sossion said.

This  comes a day after KNUT Chairman Mudzo Nzili was sent on a six-month terminal leave pending his retirement set for May 2018.

The two union leaders have been deemed to be at loggerheads since the August 8 General Election, after Sossion was nominated to parliament by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) whereas Nzili had supported the re-election of Jubilee Party candidate Uhuru Kenyatta.

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