we the people and Sura yangu sauti yangu NGOs ordered to cease operations

we the people and Sura yangu sauti yangu NGOs ordered to cease operations

BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,6TH NOV 2017-The NGOs coordination board on Monday 6th November, ordered two  civil societies under the ‘Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu’ and ‘We The People’ to terminate their  operations as soon as possible .

In a letter to ‘Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu’ and ‘We The People’, the NGOs coordination board Executive Director Fazul Mahamed claimed that the two bodies had illegally received Ksh.36 million for purposes of funding “political and flagitious operations in Kenya” despite being registered as charitable organisations.

According to Mahamed, the amount was transferred from the George Soros Foundation, a body owned by controversial Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros who is known for his wide global political networks. The George Soros Foundation is said to be a major funder of political activities.

“The purpose of this communication therefore is to direct ‘Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu’ and ‘We The People’ to with immediate effect, cease all its political operations in Kenya including all electoral related programs and desist from all and any engagements with legally registered charitable organizations in Kenya,” read the notice in part.

“Further to the foregoing, the entities have employed foreigners contrary to provisions of the Kenyan Citizenship and Immigration Act 2012 and the NGOs Coordination Act 1990.”

Mr. Mahamed said the government is investigating the allegations with a view of taking appropriate action against ‘Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu’ and ‘We The People’.

The move to outlaw the operations of the organizations  comes at the backdrop of reports that the two civil society groups were preparing to file petitions challenging President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election in the October 26 polls, hours to the Monday (November 6) midnight deadline.

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