Three killed in election related protests in Nairobi and Kisumu

Three killed in election related protests in Nairobi and Kisumu

BY NAMULONGO PETER/CORRESPONDENTS,26TH OCT 2017-Three people have been  killed in Nairobi  and Kisumu during protests against the repeat presidential election.

One person died after been shot in Kondele area of Kisumu county while another  was shot dead in Baba Dogo area, outside Ruaraka Police Station while the other was shot near Social Hall polling station in Mathare.

The two fatal incidents occurred as police dispersed rowdy youth who were trying to block roads and disrupt voting.

Police, however inspector generak of police was quick to deny any such incident in  Mathare  where teargas canisters were also lobbed to disperse the protesters.

“Our attention has been drawn to some allegations being peddled by sections of the media that police have used live fire and a man has been shot dead in Mathare. This is not only patently false but also aimed at portraying the ongoing presidential elections as marred by widespread violence,” said the Inspector General of Police in a statement posted on the National Police Service Facebook page.

Protests have rocked various opposition strongholds with the demos being intense in Kisumu and Migori.

One person has been confirmed dead and five others are nursing gunshot wounds in Kisumu after they were shot during protests against the disputed presidential election.

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