It is all persecution,Businessman Jimi Wanjigi says  after home is raided

It is all persecution,Businessman Jimi Wanjigi says after home is raided

BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,18TH OCT 2017-Businessman Jimi Wanjigi says the drama and raid by police witnessed at his Muthaiga home  is all persecution  because of his political stand.

Addressing the press at his home  On Wednesday, close to three days  after his home was put under   police siege and attack on his palatial home in Muthaiga, Nairobi,Wanjigi says the firearms found in his home were all licensed and it is known to the police .Wanjigi who was accompanied  National Super Alliance (Nasa) leaders said he is an “innocent Kenyan” being harassed by the State.

He has termed the siege by   police officers  drawn from  various cadres as “absolute persecution”According to Wanjigi he has NASA leader Raila Odinga to thank. he says it was Odinga who appeared at his home and brought what he termed as ili intended   plan by police to an end.He says not only did police destroy important items in his house among them electronics ,but they were also  assaulting his  wife.”if it is be God’s grace that we are a life and can stand here today.”was it not for NASA leader coming to our home  i don’t know what could have happened”.he said.He says .

Wanjigi has also added that he will continue to support NASA  in its quest to change the country’s leadership.”am in NASA to stay am not going anywhere everyone has his democratic right to belong to any political side he chooses”.he added.

Wanjigi who looked perturbed wondered why Jubilee government was now against him while the same government was formed in his very home in 2013.”It was in this home when a peace accord was signed by both Kenyatta and Odinga in 2013 to have  Jubilee government . why would then same people turn against us?”.He asked.

Raila Held captive

Nasa leader Raila Odinga  has also narrated how he spent the night at businessman Jimi Wanjigi’s Muthaiga residence.Odinga who spoke to the press moments after Wanjigi was done addressing the media says he feared to leave the compound since there were more than hundred police officers who could have harassed him.

According to Odinga  he had to stay awake the entire night in WANJIGI’s home  surrounded by police officers who were operating under instruction and they could not allow him also to step out claiming he was on the scene of a crime.

He says that it was until 6am that police had to leave the compound.Odinga says NASA will not be moved and promised that they will continue to fight for liberation of the country.

His sentiments were also echoed by Co-principal Moses Wetangula who says no amount of intimidation will make Kenyans back down on their resolve.

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