‘Giant corruption conspiracy’ inquiry begins  in SA

‘Giant corruption conspiracy’ inquiry begins in SA

BY BBC NEWS,17TH OCT 2017-South Africa’s parliament is today beginning an inquiry into alleged corruption at the highest levels of government.

Whistleblowers and prominent officials are expected to be called to give evidence into what’s become known as “state capture”.

It could be an uncomfortable few days for some powerful people in South Africa.

Ministers, tycoons, the president’s son, and many other witnesses are likely to be summoned and, if they show up, grilled by MPs investigating claims of a giant corruption conspiracy.

It is widely alleged that a powerful business family, the Guptas, have bought influence at the highest levels of government in order to win lucrative state contracts.

The Guptas have denied such claims, as has their friend, President Jacob Zuma.

Some South Africans see a parliamentary inquiry as a poor substitute for police investigations, arrests, and trials.

But at a time of rising political tension over who will succeed President Zuma – this week’s probe is like to produce some fireworks.

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