NASA MPs will not attend Tuesday afternoon parliamentary sittings

NASA MPs will not attend Tuesday afternoon parliamentary sittings

BY KORIR JUMA.NAIROBI,10TH OCT 2017-The national super alliance NASA has barred their members of parliament from attending the Tuesday afternoon session meant to deliberate on the report on public opinion on  changes proposed to the  election laws.

Addressing a joint parliamentary  press conference Orange democratic movement( ODM)   John Mbadi says their members can not attend the session since parliament is illegally  in place.According to Mbadi it will be improper for NASA members of parliament to attend the session to discuss a report that they were not part in coming up with.”No members of parliament from NASA will attend that session until parliament is properly in place”.he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Makuweni senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior who said as NASA they will not be intimidated or be part of  an illegal gathering.”Na iwe hivyo,kama mbaya mbaya.let it be so ,if its bad its bad .he said.

According to Kilonzo Junior the  law is an attempt to overrule the ruling of the Supreme Court  which NASA does not want to be part.NASA claims that they can only participate in house sittings after the October 26 elections are held.The coalition also says they were not part of the house committee which came up with the report since the same committees   are not properly constitute.

NASA   promised to give a full statement on the same at 4pm  on Tuesday at the Okoa Kenya offices in Nairobi.

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