NASA  condemns attempts by the State to impose travel restrictions on its  Principals

NASA condemns attempts by the State to impose travel restrictions on its Principals

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,28H SEPT 2017-The National Super Alliance NASA has condemned the attempts to impose travel bans on  Co-principal  and running mate Kalonzo Musyoka.In a statement sent to the press on Thursday 28TH SEPT, by NASA leader Raila Odinga, NASA says the move in an infringement of the leaders freedom and liberties as entrenched into the Constitution.

Odinga has further termed the move as illegitimate maneuvers by increasing paranoid Jubilee regime.”NASA wishes to inform Jubilee administration that  its leadership does not intend to seek any clearance from  state  house to travel abroad” said the statement in part.

Odinga says the Kenyan opposition must remain free as a legitimate and parcel of kenyan political landscape  and be allowed and enabled to pursue its mandate as an alternative government and voice of the people inline with the constitution.

The NASA leader  has also announced that  the planned demonstrations for  Friday  will now be moved to  Monday next week where they will be held twice a week.

Odinga accused the Jubilee government for its spirited efforts to reintroduce dictatorial laws that were rampant during the one party rule in 1990s.”They are overturning the decision of the supreme court through passing retrogressive law people of kenya will not accept”.he said

Odinga also said the arbitrarily arrest of  Embakasi East Member of parliament  Babu Owino and Simba Arati was only meant to intimidate the opposition and silence it against speaking against the many atrocities being perpetuated by the Jubilee government.It is in the same vein that he says they had no choice but to go back to the people.

”We have not option but to take to the streets.because the constitutions gives the people of kenya freedom to demand their right through peaceful picketing”.he added.



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