A Heroic Journalist recognized

A Heroic Journalist recognized

BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,21ST SEPT 2017-A  national broadcaster  Kenya broadcasting corporation (KBC)  journalist  has been honored  for his  courage  after rescuing a disabled man from a swarm of bees outside the Supreme Court  on Wednesday.
.Pictures of the one  Victor Muyakane were widely shared on social media platforms as he battled with bees to rescue the man even as the rest ran for their dear lives.
Muyakane as he whisked the man away from bees-Twitter
Group of  Jubilee party supporters had camped outside the court as the judges read the full verdict that led to annulment of presidential election held on August 8th when a swarm of bees emerged  from unknown direction and attacked everyone who was around.Police officers were also not speared
His act has been praised by all and sundry including his fellow journalists and caught the eye of government officials as well.
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