Judiciary will withstand test of time,Government spokesman affirms

Judiciary will withstand test of time,Government spokesman affirms

BY CORRESPONDENT,MOMBASA,15TH SEPT 2017-Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe says Chief Justice David Maraga and the entire Judiciary has what ity takes to remain professional  despite the current wave of opinion and seemingly chriticism emanating from the presidential petition ruling. Addressing the press in Mombsa Friday Kiraithe said Chief Justice David Maraga had the “necessary shock absorbers” to remain professional.

Kiraithe said it is wrong to brand the judiciary but noted anybody who gives an opinion on the judgment, including the President, is not criminal.

He said Uhuru’s wakora’ comment was held by majority of Kenyans.

He added: “We take great exception with people who would want to brand the judiciary but we believe Maraga has the capacity and the necessary shock absorbers to remain focused.”

Maraga has been receiving flak from Jubilee Party after announcing the nullification of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in the August 8 national election

NASA has disputed the view that a few rogue elements at the electoral body subverted the will of five million voters.The claim is that IEBC’s ICT department aided hacking of severs system and application of algorithm formula.

However Kiraithe  says the Supreme Court president has to keep his eyes on the ball, remain consistent and deliver a full judgement of the ruling.

Maraga had apologised for disappointing those who expected a full judgement for NASA’s presidential election petition.

“We had long hearings and some of them gone to late at night. I am sorry we have to disappoint those who expected a full judgement,” he said during the reading of the judgement.

The spokesman said disagreements following the historic judgement are not strange in any way.

He said the government respects the independence of Judiciary and the top court should not shy away from attacks.

“We should take them for what they are. Let them give the judgement,” he said, adding Kenyans should take time to study it and make their own conclusions.

“The evidence, grounds of which the judgment was delivered, should be provided. It doesn’t help anybody when there is scanty information within the public domain.”

The spokesman said they have confidence the judiciary will continue delivering on its mandate.

Maraga’s September 1 announcement, that IEBC did not conduct the elections as stipulated in law, was welcomed by many as a rare sign of independence of Kenya’s judiciary.

But it did not go well with the Jubilee side which has in the recent past come out fighting and condemning the rulling.


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