Two men arrested in snake drama in Mombasa to remain in custody  for seven more days

Two men arrested in snake drama in Mombasa to remain in custody for seven more days

BY CORRESPONDENT,SHANZU,13TH SEPT, 2017-Two men   arrested in Bamburi Mombasa  over a week a go after staging   fake  magic scene purporting to have been caught with stolen vehicle will remain in custody for one more week as police complete investigation.

The two appeared before judge Diana Mochache at  Shanzu high court Mombasa  on Wednesday ,Morning where they  faced three count of charges among them striping naked in public, being in possession  of a snake without  permit and being in the country illegally after they were found to have come from Uganda.

The two had been used by a native medicine Man to pretend they had been caught after he performed his magic on them  and successfully arrested them.Their scheme seen as a plan to steal from the public by  convincing that witchcraft used on them  succeeded was uncovered by  CCTV  footage released a day after the drama by a local TV station.

On Wednesday their lawyers asked the court to release them on bail a move that the court rejected saying the crimes committed were heavy and they would interfere with investigation if released.

The snake found in the hands of the two men  will be taken back to Shimba hills   conservancy   after  the court found that it had been brought out of its natural  habitat.The court also heard that it had only eaten a single rat  for the last one week.

The Two men who have admitted to be from Uganda will be  back in court on  26th September  where a ruling will be issued on whether they will be released on bond.



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