Prepare to be voted out,Odinga tells Uhuru as he leads NASA  Campaigns in Narok

Prepare to be voted out,Odinga tells Uhuru as he leads NASA Campaigns in Narok

BY NAMULONGO PETER,CORRESPONDENT NAROK, 9TH SEPT 2017-The national Super Alliance on Saturday took their campaigns to Narok county expressing confidence thrashing Jubilee in the second round of elections slated for October 17.

Addresing residents of Ewasonyiro,NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga has accused Jubilee of Working  together with some IEBC officials  to steal NASA’S votes in the August 8 elections.Odinga says NASA defeated Jubilee by over 1.5milion votes insisting  that  they will still win.He told president Uhuru Kenyatta to prepare to be voted out by Kenyans on October 17 before he disciplines Supreme Court judges.

This was in reference to Uhuru’s threats to judges of the apex court, particularly Chief Justice David Maraga, whom he accused of unjustly nullifying his win.

Uhuru called the judges ‘wakora’ (crooks) saying four people cannot reverse the will of over 8.2 million people who voted for him in the August 8 poll.

Four judges ruled in favour of the petition filed by the NASA leader on grounds that the poll was marred by massive malpractices.

Two judges out of the six dissented.

“We respect the court’s decision even if we do not agree with it. But we will revisit this issue of Supreme Court and Maraga should know he is now dealing with a sitting president,” Uhuru said after the verdict.

Raila, however, said Kenyans will send the Jubilee government home during the fresh election before he can take any action against the judges.

“We want to teach him a real good lesson this time. Last time we defeated him by 1.5 million votes. This time, we want to do more,” he said in Narok on Saturday.

He said Jubilee has set a bad precedent to the Kenyan youth by presiding over corruption citing the NYS, Euro Bond and Afya House scandals.

“They have graduated into stealing elections. These are people who are not supposed to be leaders.”

The opposition chief reiterated that their pre-campaign agenda is still on course.

He said his administration will provide monthly stipends to elderly and single mothers, protect the environment and strengthen the economy.

Siaya Senator James Orengo said he will on Monday seek the DPP’s permission to have Uhuru and Ruto prosecuted over election theft.

He said IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba, who has been blamed for the irregularities in the transmission of results, was not acting alone but on orders from above.

“Chiloba is not the thief. He was stealing on behalf of some people. I will take enough evidence to show that Uhuru and Ruto must be investigated,” Orengo said.

He added: “No one is above the law in Kenya.”

Orengo, who was NASA’s lead counsel during the presidential petition, said they retrieved overwhelming evidence from IEBC that showed Raila won the polls in Kajiado and Narok but his votes were stolen.

“There are close to 5,000 pages of evidence on Kajiado and Narok. I will make sure everyone knows the truth,” Orengo said.

Former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama said: “In 2013 they stole Raila’s votes. In 2017 they stole Raila’s votes. This time if they try to steal, we will show them. We have a secret card.”

ANC leader who is also another NASA  principal  Musalia  Mudavadi said the Jubilee administration is giving money to chiefs to buy ID cards from voters in NASA zones to ensure they don’t vote during the repeat elections.

He said they have gotten in touch with the French government seeking answers on why it allowed its systems to be used to interfere with a democratic process.

“We want to know who gave the permission for (IEBC Chairman Wafula) Chebukati’s password to be used to make over 10,000 to transmit fake results.”

NASA leaders visited Ntulele,Ewasonyiro and Narok town among other areas in the county.



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