IEBC must do whatever it can to redeem it’s image through October 17 election

IEBC must do whatever it can to redeem it’s image through October 17 election

BY EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT,8TH SEPT 2017-The independent Electoral and boundaries Commission IEBC finds itself at crossroads owing to the current events and happenings within the  commission.The 12 point memo addressed to the chief executive officer Ezra Chiloba by the chair Wafula Chebukati has proofed not only to kenyans but also to the international community that really there were terrible things that went really awry during the August 8 elections.The questions some of them very puzzling  asked by Chebukati in the Memo says a million words about the exercise. It will be very hard for IEBC to convince kenyans that indeed it is capable of holding a free,fair and credible poll again and by extension the awaited October 17 one.

The Memo also opens up external scrutiny into the commission’s way of doing things.It is now clear that the good and harmonious spirit that needs to be present in  such a commission as IEBC in order for it to function properly is not there    due do what is largely seen as strained relations within the commission’s leadership itself.We at UPESIMEDIA say that this  is what Chebukati and team need to first address and assure the nation  that all is well around this issue.We have the national Super Alliance NASA on one side and Jubilee on the other who are interested parties in the matters and operations of the electoral body.

We have seen each of the two sides  ordering  IEBC to do this and  that in efforts aimed at  ensuring every side won the fresh round of election.We want to warn both NASA and Jubilee that IEBC is an independent institution and they should leave it to carry on with its own duties without these interference .

On Friday  Sept 8th ,majority leader in the national assembly Aden Duale led a number of Jubilee MPs  in condemning the issue of the Memo written by Chebukati to Chiloba which  has now leaked  into the public courtesy of the media, saying such issues should not be discussed in public but IEBC need to address it internally.Duale should Know  that it is such  a MEMO that has come to clarify on some issues  which were not clear  with many Kenyans concerning  what went wrong on the election day of August 8.Duale should not be seen commending at all on such issues since IEBC is an independent body.

NASA on the other side have said they will not take part in  the fresh election slated for October 17th if IEBC is not going to clean up it’s mess especially ensuring that all its officials who mismanaged election are sacked and brought to book. While we support the stand taken by NASA  calling upon IEBC to clean up its house it totality and come out to assure the  country that it was indeed independent and not allowing some external forces to dictate on how it runs its affairs,we would like to remind NASA that such commands only serves to pile pressure on the commission that seen to be doing all it can to restore  itself.What  NASA and Jubilee should do is to sincerely and genuinely remind IEBC of what the law demands of it in as far as election management is concerned,not engage  efforts seen as self seeking as if to agree with the swahili saying that kila mwamba ngoma huvutia  ya kwake.


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IEBC faces one of the most difficult moments  ahead of the fresh round of election.With its trust among Kenyans having been drained to negative zero%,the commission must not in any manner allow external forces to dictate the way it is going to preside over this fresh election.It’s images is tainted beyond measure and this time Chebukati and team  must make sure that things work and indeed they do.  The August 8 election has proofed that the commission failed terribly in upholding the spirit of integrity and independence that ought to be the norm.This time round the big question is will IEBC stand out to be counted?or will Kenyans again after 17TH October go back to the same issue of rigged polls and people interfered with the exercise again? This is the last nail and IEBC should jealously guard it until  it proofs that it can real bounce back.With only 38 days to the fresh round of elections slated for October 17th ,all eyes are on IEBC  with  Kenyans  and the world asking will the commission still disappoint this time? or it will use the chance provided to salvage  it’s badly damaged name!

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