Mailu asks food handlers  to maintain  high standards of hygiene to keep cholera in check

Mailu asks food handlers to maintain high standards of hygiene to keep cholera in check


BY  NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,4TH SEPT 2017-Health Cabinet secretary Cleopa Mailu  has asked all food handlers to ensure they maintain high standards of hygiene in order to avoid the spread of cholera.

Addressing the press on Monday at the Sinai hospital in Ongata Rongai after vising over 47 police officers who are currently receiving treatment at the facility after contacting Cholera at the weekend,Mailu says the ever increasing cases of cholera infection is largely attributed to poor hygiene.

The CS has reiterated his call for all staff working in eateries especially in Nairobi to under mandatory health tests and be authorized medically to work in those areas.”I revisit my earlier directive that all hotel workers and other stuff  especially in Nairobi to undergo mandatory tests in order to be sure that they qualify to handle food and indeed work in those areas”.He said.

The CS also urged water vendors and boozers to ensure that they adhere  completely to public  health  directive concerning food and water handling a move that he says will control the spread of the pandemic.

Mailu further warned all food joints and handlers against outsourcing foods from outside their premises especially whenever they have visitors a move he says has contributed to the spread of cholera.

Mailu also  denied the assertion that the ongoing   nurses strike has contributed to the ever reported cases of  Cholera in the country.The CS says all pointers points at the poor hygiene standards even though investigations are under way.

The current  case of cholera  has affected 92 people .47 mainly police officers who were found to have been infected over the weekend after eating food at the Multimedia university canteen are receiving treatment at the Sinai hospital in Rongai while 12 others from the same case  continue to be treated at Nairobi women hospital.

Mailu has confirmed that   the officer s are responding well to treatment.


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