Kenya belongs to all of us ,let us tolerate each other and respect the courts!

Kenya belongs to all of us ,let us tolerate each other and respect the courts!

BY EDITORIAL,NAIROBI,4TH SEPT 2017-The  supreme court ruling on presidential  election on Friday 1st September,has been praised by as many Kenyans as those who have condemned it.While the supreme court did it’s  rightful duty as per the constitution to declare the poll invalid  according to the evidence presented in court,the outcome as expected has not gone down with a section of Kenyans who think and feel that the ruling by the  David Maraga led court  was unfair.While everybody is free to express their own view and opinion on the subject,it is totally unacceptable to condemn the  judges for simply doing their job.

We at UPESIMEDIA take cognizance of the fact that since the ruling was delivered, we  have continued to witness  attacks   and threats  mostly verbally directed at chief justice David Maraga and the other judges who  delivered the ruling , this is  most unfortunate. Jubilee party leaders who feel aggrieved by the ruling should not be so quick to demonize the judges just because the ruling did not go their way,the most important thing to be done is to be patient until a full ruling and reasons that led to that unpopular ruling according to them, is given in the next 17 days.

They could be surprised to learn that the supreme court had enough ground at least going by the evidence to rule the way it did.Continuing to haul insults at judges does not correct any errors if any.We call upon president Uhuru Kenyatta and the entire Jubilee party leaders to ensure that however unhappy they may feel because of the ruling,the Sovereignty of the judiciary is not watered down.We strongly advise  against efforts to reduce the ability of the courts which are constitutionally established institutions on the grounds that they delivered unfavorable verdict.

The question that Jubilee needs to ask is what if the evidence relied upon by the supreme court to make the ruling is true and real?instead of condemning the judges, we would advise any aggrieved party to first not to brush aside the reasons given  for the ruling and indeed the independent electoral and boundaries commission IEBC  which is implicated to not having properly followed all the laid down laws in as far as managing the election is concerned.” We  would have liked to see president Kenyatta and DP Ruto genuinely  support the supreme court and be wiling to indeed confirm if IEBC made mistakes while managing the August 8 election and address the same plunders sincerely before second round of election is done”.We ask all leaders to preach peace among their supporters,this is because we continue to feel that there is a certain degree of hatred that has been brought about by the Supreme court ruling  among supporters of both NASA and Jubilee,though this ought not to be that way instead we need to have sober thoughts around the subject especially  since nobody really knows why supreme court arrived at the ruling.


We strongly warn the national super Alliance NASA leaders and Jubilee leaders against utterances that  could divide the country on political tribal and religious grounds.We understand that the supreme court ruling has meant that the two main contenders Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga will continue with campaigns across the country in readiness  to the re-run ,this is fine.However they should not incite Kenyans instead they should preach peace even as they ask Kenyans for support and votes.We says once again Kenya belongs to all us. whether Jubilee or NASA we have no business to mislead each other through inciting!

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