Nasa lawyers accuse IEBC of denying them access to the servers,communicates to court over non compliance.

Nasa lawyers accuse IEBC of denying them access to the servers,communicates to court over non compliance.

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,29TH AUG 2017-Nasa lawyers have  accused  IEBC of denying them access to the servers.This happens even as  the  deadline when a court had ordered audit on the IEBC systems and submission of a report continue to draw near.The report is expected to be submitted by 5pm on Tuesday.

UPESINEWS.CO.KE has established that as late as 11am Tuesday NASA lawyers were yet to get access to IEBC servers prompting NASA lawyer Okong’o Omugeni to ask the chief justice to allow lawyer James Orengo to report the matter when he arrived at the court.Omugeni asked the court to interrupt briefly Lawyers who are representing Uhuru Kenyatta in the petition and allow Orengo to explain the difficulties they had experienced in obtaining the server access and other items.”My lord the senior counsel  James Orengo has asked me to seek indulgence of the court that when he arrives here in 20 or 30 minutes time he will be allowed to report the issue”.he said.

The Supreme Court on Monday ordered that the opposition “be granted a read-only access, which includes copying (if necessary) to” a list of 19 items that include IEBC servers, password policy and matrix, certified copies of certificates of penetration tests conducted on the IEBC election technology system prior to and during the 2017 General Election, and specific GPRS location of each KIEMS kit used during the presidential election for the period between and including August 5 and August 11, 2017.

Nasa was also to access the log-in trail of users and equipment into the IEBC servers, log-in trails of users and equipment into the KIEMS database, administrative access log into the IEBC public portal between August 5, 2017 to date, certified photocopies of the original Forms 34A 34B and 34C, originals of the same forms and the scanned and transmitted copies of Forms 34A and B.

However, the deadline, according to Nasa, seems impossible.


“At IEBC. We’ve been stonewalled. No read-only access. They want to give already printed logs. It’s back to court in the morning,” Nasa lawyer Paul Mwangi twitted Tuesday morning.


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