Kenyans in frantic efforts to adapt to other packaging methods as plastic bans sets in

Kenyans in frantic efforts to adapt to other packaging methods as plastic bans sets in

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,29TH AUG 2017-As the plastic ban takes effects in the county kenyans are in swiftly adapting other Methods of packaging available .Spot check by UPESINEWS.CO.KE in various estates in Nairobi  and its environs has established that most vegetable vendors and nut sellers who for along time have relied on plastic bags to wrap goods for the buyers have had to invent other ways of doing the same.

According to those we talked to  they have been forced to buy other packaging alternatives in order to  avoid falling out with law enforcers.


According to  the National Environmental Management Authority NEMA deputy director of environmental education information and public participation Mamo Bore says only 2 types of plastic bags have been banned, Carrier bags that are used for carrying shopping from supermarkets and shops, and the flimsy flat bags used to package sukuma wiki.

Plastic liners used for waste disposal have not been banned for now. Bore says NEMA is working with county govts so that Kenyans give back plastic bags in their homes for disposal. Primary packaging has not been banned; primary packaging includes salt, bread, biscuits packages.He has added that Awareness for the plastic bags ban will continue for a while so that all Kenyans are well informed before the law takes full effect

Environment cabinet secretary Judi Wakhungu the ban was gazetted on February 28, 2017, in a bid to tackle the huge waste in the country that has become a challenge to the environment. if found contravening the ban on plastic bags, you stand to be fined up to Sh4 million or a jail term of four years.



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