No extension for August 28 plastic ban deadline-government

No extension for August 28 plastic ban deadline-government

BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,23RD AUG 2017-Permananent secretary in the ministry of environment  Samuel Sunkuli says there will be no extension of 28th August imposed by government  against plastic bags usage in the country.Addressing the press Wednesday 23rd August in Nairobi,the PS said  even thought the move may have consequences especially to do with job cuts in the plastic bags manufacturing  industries in the country,it was an idea whose time had come.

The announcement has led to autcry from  various players in the plastic bags manufactering and processors who fear the move could negatively affect their operations.

Most  manucfuring  industries locally use plastic bags for packaing their products as well as distribution.80% of households also purchase their household products using plastic bags.


Even as the government insists that it will not   extend the deadline to effect the ban,one question linger in minds of many kenyans.Kenyans ask what will happen to those working in plastic manufactering industries? The move means that many kenyans will be rendered jobless and source of livelihood for many families cut.

The government must ensure that an alternative plan that will see those Kenyans absorbed into meaningful employment is created as soon as poosible after the ban takes effects.

If the solution will be found to this question time will tell.


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