A man held by police in Kakamega for killing brother

A man held by police in Kakamega for killing brother

BY CORRESPONDENT,KAKAMEGA,20TH AUG 2017– A man in kakamega county is under police custody for  allegedly killing his  23-year-old brother, who reportedly wanted to kill their mother.

According to the deceased mother, Angeline Lihavi,  her now late son, Kevin Muliamba, came into their home and took off with two tins of maize and traded them for alcohol at a local pub.

Ms. Lihavi says that when the son came back, he wanted some more maize and when she tried to stop him, he roughed her up forcing his other son, the accused who is 35 years old Sebastine Muyale, to come to her rescue fatally injuring his brother in the process.

“My late son has been threatening me for some time now, recently he threatened to dig my grave next to my late husband’s one,” Ms. Lihavi added.

Shinyalu OCPD, Joseph Chebii, while confirming the incident, said that police are still investigating the matter before the suspect is arraigned in court.

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