NASA Heads to Supreme court to challenge poll results

NASA Heads to Supreme court to challenge poll results

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,16TH AUG 2017-The National Super Alliance NASA will go to court to challenge the results of presidential elections.In a statement  read by presidential candidate Raila Odinga on Wednesday 16th Aug, Odinga has expressed concerns with the working of the Judiciary basing on the previous such rulings where the ruling delivered by courts  were largely seen as not objective.

Odinga has asked the Judiciary to stand out and be counted in their petition.  We ask the courts to take this opportunity to redeem its image .”Even as we move to Supreme Court, we have not forgotten its travesty in 2013. This is a chance for it to redeem itself” he said.

NASA principals address the press in Lovingtone,Nairobi on 16th AUG -COURTESY

Odinga has also accused the Independent Electoral and boundaries commission IEBC for deliberately taking part in a scheme to cook results to favour Uhuru Kenyatta.”From the start, IEBC was illegally releasing unverified results to create the expectation of an Uhuru Kenyatta victory”.he said.

Odinga has also asked the African nations that value democracy to join kenya at this historical moment and help safeguard the democratic gains that the country enjoys .

Odinga also recounted the past general elections where the results of the elections were twisted in favor of the government sponsored candidate despite all signs showing that they did not win.He said this time round there will be no accepting and moving on.” This is just the beginning. We will not accept and move on” he added.

Supreme Court  has 14 days to  Determine the matter.If NASA petition sails through the country   will have to go for another election.But in the likelihood that  the petition does not succeed  the president elect will be  sworn in.


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