The police  should  be considerate when dealing with protestors

The police should be considerate when dealing with protestors

FROM EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT,NAIROBI,14TH AUG 2017-The duty of any police officer is to protect lives and guard property  of all Kenyans against any attempt by external aggressors .The pockets of violence witnessed in various parts of the country since the announcement of Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner of presidential election on Friday 11th August  have proofed to be a challenge to security agencies in the country.We urge the police to exercise caution when dealing with these protestors ,the constitution gives every  Kenyan aright to picket in a peaceful manner.No body is mandated legally to interfere with a peaceful demonstration. Shooting dead of an 8year old girl in area 2 of Mathare Nairobi last week was to say the least most regrettable.

8 year old Moraa Nyarang allegedly shotby police in Mathare ,Nairobi-COURTESY.

The child has nothing to do  with demonstrations.We at UPESINEWS MEDIA urge the police to  know when to be a lion and a fox.It is important that when dealing with protestors to use minimal force,they are people who are expressing anger and should not be dealt with like criminals.

There seems to be   misinformation and confusion in communication channel in the police sector or in different ranks. This is demonstrated by Reports of police using excessive  force on civilians  since Friday 11 th August in the country with fatalities resulting .Police have been blamed on most of these cases.It is unfortunate that while blame is squarely being heaped on the men and women in uniforms the police bosses have come out to deny any wrong doing and defend their juniors.”We urge the leadership of all police ranks and departments in the country to go back to the drawing board and issue instruction on how to deal with protestors,”shooting and killing of protestors by police ought to be NO !NO!

We urge independent police oversight Authority IPOA to ensure that claims of excessive use of force by the police on civilians are fully investigated and those responsible brought to book.Kenya is a country guided by law and nobody is above the law.We  reiterate the call  to police ton desist from  using excessive force on civilians.



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