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This is why IEBC’S CEO Ezra Chiloba has become a dear to many Kenyan Women

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BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,11TH AUG 2017-The busy schedule on the shoulders of IEBC’s  Ezra Chiloba   at this critical moment as the country awaits the announcement oh who is the winner of presidential votes has provided a platform  for Some women to express their desire to be close to Chiloba.The C.E.O   has been busy in  the past  couple of day  updating Kenyans on the ongoing 2017 General Election results .Kenyan women on the other hand have been busy expressing their feelings for the man  and have even gone to an extend of  searching his details  online.
The name  Ezra has  come up as one of the most searched individuals on Google in Kenya the past few days The Independent Election and Boundaries Commission(IEBC), CEO Mr Ezra Chiloba has been on  TV screens for the past few days updating Kenyans on the ongoing Presidential results.
While the rest of the country has clamored to keep up with the updates, Kenyan women have been busy thirsting over the IEBC CEO. For a good reason because that man..
UPESINEWS.CO.KE has established that Some of the search terms oscillate from his marital status, his Curriculum Vitae, his wife, his marital status and even details of his home.
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