Uhuru reiterates his call for peace a head of Tuesday elections

Uhuru reiterates his call for peace a head of Tuesday elections

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,7TH AUGUST,2017-President Uhuru Kenyatta has reiterated his call for peace in the country a head of Tuesday 8th elections.In his address to the nation before Kenyans go to the polling stations Monday evening, the head of  state  recalled the vision and the dream of the fore fathers of the nation who wanted the future kenya to be stable,economically empowered and be  a   nation all Kenyans will be proud  of.

He said such a dream can only be achieved if kenyans voted into office leaders of integrity and with a vision to deliver a kenya that will  cater for all equally .

Urging  kenyans to come out in large numbers and vote for their preferred leaders,Uhuru has emphasized his call for peace.”Even as you do that i urge you to do it in peace” he said.As i said yesterday that you need all to ensure peace i once again urge all Kenyans to ensure that they vote and go back home to their neighbors in peace”he added.

The president  said voting should not be the reason for any kenyan to attack his or her neighbor since the elections were here today and tomorrow things will be back to normal.

The president who is also the presidential candidate for the Jubilee party also says the government had put in necessary measures to ensure that every kenyan will be secure as they go about voting on Tuesday 8th August 2017.


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