The hour of reckoning ,as kenya decides

The hour of reckoning ,as kenya decides

BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,8TH AUGUST 2017-Kenyans  go to poll this morning to elect their  5th president  in a highly competitive race.The main two contenders are the incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta and the opposition National Supers Alliance NASA’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

The stake are high in today’s elections due to several factors.One the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta is fighting to keep his seat less he  becomes one term president.The constitution of kenya 2010  stipulates that the president shall serve two terms of 5 years each before leaving office and surrendering it to another candidates as presidential term limit is 10 years.On the other hand the opposition’s candidate Raila Odinga who is making his four attempt onto presidency  has vowed that this time he has to clinch the coveted seat.This is because this is his last attempt to run for  presidency.He is now 72 years of age meaning that come 2022 he will not vie on the basis of his age.

There are over 19 thousands registered voters who are casting their ballot today.They cast their ballot electing the president,governor,member of parliament,member of senate,Women representative and the members of the county assembly(M.CA).

Scenes like this one are expected to be the norm throughout the day-COURTESY

The voting will be ongoing in polling stations across the 290 constituencies.The polling stations have been opened shortly after 6am and they are expected to remain open until 5pm in the evening  when the official counting of votes will commence.

Preliminary results will start trickling in starting Wednesday 9th August morning.

The IEBC has assured the country that the exercise will be free and fair.On Monday a group of European electoral observers led by former US foreign affairs minister John Kerry who are in Nairobi expressed confidence that the elections will be fair,free and transparent.

President Kenyatta and NASA principal Raila Odinga also joined the church and civil society organizations in calling for a peaceful elections.

President Kenyatta is expected to cast his ballot later on in the day at his backyard of Ichaweri secondary school in Gatundu North constituency,while his main challenger  will be at the Old Kibra in Kibra constituency



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