Seize the moment,stand out and be counted,vote inn issues not tribes

Seize the moment,stand out and be counted,vote inn issues not tribes

BY EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT,NAIROBI,5TH AUGUST 2017-Every five years the constitution gives every kenyan time to make their democratic choice in electing  leaders into office to steer the nation economically,political and socially.Such opportunity presents itself on 8th August 2017 when Kenyans go to poll to elect the new leaders who will lead the country in the next five years.

It is time to make  a decision of monumental  proportion in as far as leadership of the country is concerned.We at UPESIMEDIA can not remain silence at this historic time in our nation.We urge Kenyans to stand out and be counted.

Whether Kenya will have quality people centered leadership and leadership that will listen to its people,and be willing to address challenges that face them in truth  and spirit will be decided on Tuesday 8th August 2017.Do not be carried away by tribal mentality in casting your vote.After 8th August 2017 you will be on your own as  an individual,you will have to bear with the leaders you vote for in the coming election for the next five years.We strongly urge that before you cast your vote ask one question: am i making the right choice?if the answer is yes go on and cast your ballot.if not think again.

As an ordinary kenyan (mwanachi wa kawaida ) Forget about NASA and Jubilee,think about yourself.We would like to see voters  in central kenya voting for a leader in NASA not because they  subscribe to their political affiliation  but because he can deliver the dream of Kenya.Similarly we would like to See a voter in Nyanza or western region voting  for a  candidate from Jubilee party not because they are from Jubilee but because they posses qualities that kenya needs.

Vote for a leader not because they are from your community,but because they can genuinely put ugali on your table and stand with you as a kenyan in times of need.They can take care of your resources and not steal your cash.They can be trusted with delivering quality services in education, amenities,security and jobs creation.

Remember if you elect a leader because they come from your community not because of what they stand for  in lifting your living standards ,you will blame yourself for the next five years without anybody coming to your help.

”Can you imagine working as a tea picker or small scale farmer earning ksh 4000 a month with a five children who have to go to a good school,be treated when sick,and have a decent shelter on their heads  whom you have to cater for by yourself  just because you elected your leader on tribal basis ? while your political leader should be helping you? can you consider electing  a leader based on tribe and having to suffer fending for your family alone since  you will continue earning your ksh 4000 for five years without  your political leader coming close to you after you elected them into office because they come from your community?”

We say ,Time is now make the right choice by voting in issue based leaders who will walk with you and fight hard to guard your finances as a t tax payer,not steal, make the cost of living affordable for you and your generation.


Last but not last ensure that whatever the case you continue living in harmony with your neighbor irrespective of their tribes.Your neighbor is not your enemy but bad political leaders are. Vote and go home in peace do not engage into violence it does not pay it only leads to destruction of  lives and property.

Your neighbor whom you have lived with together in peace can not be your enemy protect him or her as we go to the election.


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