Elect us to finish what we begun in 2013,Uhuru Ruto urge supporters as campaign period elapse

Elect us to finish what we begun in 2013,Uhuru Ruto urge supporters as campaign period elapse

BY JOHN WERU/CORRESPONDENT,5TH  AUG 2017-The  Jubilee  party  wound up its campaigns for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election  on Saturday at  the Afraha Stadium in Nakuru .

President Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, asked the voters  to re-elect them so that they can finish the work they started in 2013.

President Kenyatta accused the National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential flag bearer, Raila Odinga, of being an anti-development, calling upon Kenyans to vote for his re-election to enjoy the fruits of development oriented leadership.

 He highlighted the construction and operation of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), electricity connectivity, free maternal services, equipping of hospitals and introduction of paid government interships for all graduates as Jubilee’s achievements within four years only, promising more goodies for Kenyans over the next five years in re-elected on Tuesday.

Kenyatta also recalled how Odinga and the entire NASA coalition,  had been against construction of various projects notable a dam construction project in Nakuru County arguing that the facility would block a river flowing into Lake Victoria and therefore cause the large water body to dry up.

“When wanted to construct the Itare Dam here in Nakuru to supply water to residents, Raila opposed it saying that blocking the river could lead to Lake Victoria drying up. We continued with the project because the work of the government is to cater for Kenyans and not Egyptians who will benefit from River Nile that draws its water from the lake,” said the President.

The President also promised the people of Nakuru and Kenyans at large that if re-elected, his government will ensure that the Naivasha Industrial Park project has been initiated.

With construction of the dry port facility, the President says that it will lead to many youth in the country getting jobs.

 Uhuru also  assured Kenyans of peace during and after elections, urging  residents not to  allow to be misled by selfish politicians to cause  violence.
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