We have no apologies over our statement on intended scheme to use the military in rigging elections-ODINGA

We have no apologies over our statement on intended scheme to use the military in rigging elections-ODINGA

BY NAMULONGO PETER/CORRESPONDENT,MACHAKOS,29TH JULY 2017-The national Super Alliance presidential candidate Raila Odinga says he has no apologies to make over remarks  they made on Friday  28th July regarding  a scheme by Jubilee to use the military to rig the  August 8 elections.Addressing campaign  rally  in Machakos on Saturday 29th July Odinga says NASA had obtained the real evidence in form of a later from the Kenya defense forces Headquarters in Nairobi detailing   giving information about the plan.

He says theirs was not just mere talk as they have proof that 256 army officers were receiving  training in Laikipia with the intention of sending them to areas perceived to be Jubilee strongholds.Some of the counties according to Odinga are Muranga,Nyeri.

Kiambu  among others where the presidential ballot papers marked as special goods will be stored in various   poling stations in those counties   awaiting the poling day.Odinga further claims the officers will then be used to guard the poling stations against access by NASA agents.

On Saturday in Machakos Odinga told off president Kenyatta for attacking him over the sentiments.He says it was hypocritical for Jubilee to comment in that manner and insisted that they will not apologize. He has also warned against any such  attempt to rig saying as NASA they will not accept.”kwa hivyo wajue kwamba wakenya hawawezi kuvumilia wizi wa kura tena”.he said

He also refuted claims that NASA was afraid and was looking for reasons to  boycott elections .He says NASA will win.

”Uhuru na Ruto wanajua wameshindwa  wajaribu waibe”. he said.”namwambia bwana Ruto tafahadhili usidhubutu”added Odinga.

Odinga has called on Machakos residents to support NASA in the august 8 elections saying their main agenda was to improve  lives all all Kenyans.

He emphasized that after taking over the helm of leadership as from September this year  as promised all students from class one to form 4 will get quality education for free with government shielding all other costs including uniforms,books and  pens.


Odinga says currently there were  over 12 million youth who have an education and  are unemployed .He added that NASA’S plan was to set up industrial parks to train youths on skills on specific career areas and give them grants to start their meaningful employment.

Odinga also says women who have children and had no husbands will be  given money and empowerment to start business and other jobs to fend for their families.  According to Raila such groups of people will not be neglected by the NASA government.The government will set up special fund for them.On the elderly Odinga says medical insurance will be set up for them as well as grant to help improve their lives.



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