Dont mess up the good name of our military,Uhuru Tells opposition

Dont mess up the good name of our military,Uhuru Tells opposition

BY KORIR JUMA,CORRESPONDENT,28TH JULY 2017-President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto have  asked the opposition not to mess up the good name of the military by associating them with plans to involve them in rigging elections.The president said Kenyans will go to polls in August 8 despite threats by the Opposition to boycott the elections.

They said NASA leaders had sensed defeat and were now inventing all manner of reasons to discredit the elections.

President Kenyatta, at the same time, said the mandate and duty of the military is well known and respected by the Executive.

Unlike other leaders who had misused the military before, President Kenyatta said the Jubilee leaders understood and respected the role of the army.

He said it is a common knowledge to Kenyans, which leaders have attempted to use the military to cause a coup in the past.

“We have no experience of planning coups. Kenyans know the master of coups; those who have used the army before to try to get power. We respect our military and its mandate is well known,” said President Kenyatta.

Ruto said Kenyans were well aware of the tricks the Opposition was trying to employ to discredit the elections then cause chaos in an attempt to push for a coalition government.

The leaders told Opposition leader Raila Odinga who has threatened to boycott the August General Election that Kenyans will elect Jubilee because of its development track record, which speaks for itself across the country.

Addressing a public rally in Kapsabet Showground in Nandi County, the leaders said going to elections is Kenyans democratic right and the Opposition cannot stop it.

President Kenyatta said Odinga and his team are not interested in the August elections but their aim was to cause chaos and join the government through the backdoor.

“We cannot allow the good name of our military whose image is well known all over the world to be tarnished because of politics. This is why we say to Mr Odinga, shame on you,” said Kenyatta.

He wondered why someone who claims to have experience of politics was engaging in smear campaigns to discredit the work of the military.

“Our security officers are the ones who are protecting our borders and even giving you security and then someone wants to drag them into his dirty politics. I say once again Mr Odinga: shame on you,” added President Kenyatta.

Ruto said those who were not ready to go to polls would not stop the rest of Kenyans from taking part in their democratic right.

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