President Kenyatta urges Busia to vote for Jubilee,Opposition has nothing new to offer.

President Kenyatta urges Busia to vote for Jubilee,Opposition has nothing new to offer.

BY JOHN WERU/CORRESPONDENT,BUSIA,27TH JULY 2017-President Uhuru Kenyatta  has  told off the opposition  saying they have been in key leadership positions some for close to 30 years and yet never delivered.Speaking on Thursday 27th July in Busia  Kenyatta  who took jubilee re-elections campaigns to the county  said  the leaders of the opposition are trying to hoodwink their followers with false promises of change.

”If our opponents indeed cared about Kenyans and wanted change, they would have brought that change when they were running government”. he said.

The president said as opposed to previous administrations where most of opposition leaders were part ,the Jubilee government has only been in power for four years  and has delivered tangible  development record.


Jubilee leaders among them president Kenyatta and DP Ruto at Busia Rally on 27th July 2017-COURTESY

The head of state Urged residents of Adungosi to rally behind him  so that the country would have the right leader who will work selflessly for Kenyans.

Kenyatta has also reiterated his call for opposition to leave the independent Electoral and boundaries commission IEBC  to perform its duties  without interference.” Wachachneni na IEBC jameni ifanye kazi yake,the same people are the ones who were part of the team that was pushing now they are not happy” said president Kenyatta.

The president also urged the opposition to leave the acting interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiangi to do his job saying it was him whom they were competing with.

He added that the choice on 8 Aug  was between  the Jubilee  Action Plan  under his leadership that will deliver benefits, success & prosperity to every Kenyan changing the lives of our people.

He said the Jubilee Administration is action oriented and Kenyans have benefited from its initiatives four years on. ”’ issuing of title deeds to more than 3.5 million Kenyans is proof that we are committed to solve the land problems facing Kenyans” he added.

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