Kenya has a 44th tribe as   Asians are  formally recognized

Kenya has a 44th tribe as Asians are formally recognized

BY EURIDICE NZIOKA,NAIROBI,22ND JULY 2017-Kenya has a 44th tribe  after  the official recognition of  Asians  living in Kenya  after proclamation by  President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The move follows numerous petitions from Kenyans of Asian heritage requesting the formal recognition of the community as a Kenyan tribe.

He says the Kenyans Asian community has contributed to Kenya’s growth in the past and urged them to continue in this course.

“No one should discriminate against you, intimidate you or exclude you unnecessarily from all the affairs of our nation, Matiangi said on Saturday.

The recognition, Matiangi says will go a long way for Kenyan Asians to continue being included and involved politically, socially and economically within different levels of leadership in the management of the nation.

“The government commends the community for its great sense of civic duty and its key role in setting up learning and health institutions which serve to supplement the government initiatives in that sector like Visa Oshwal and Guru Nanak among others,” he said.

 Kenyans of Asian heritage representative Bismilahi Rahman Nirarhim says the move is historic and clearly shows the commitment towards an all-inclusive Kenya.
The Makonde people
The move comes  just three months after the Makonde along the coast were recognized by president Kenyatta as the 43rd tribe of Kenya.
The makonde whose ancestors settled in kenya around  1920 having originally come from Mozambique had been living in Kenya as foreigners without identity cards .Their official recognition  ensured  that they can now  participate in elections and start business and register them and also operate bank accounts something that was not possible earlier. 
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