Stop Maneuvers aimed at rigging elections,Odinga tells Jubilee

Stop Maneuvers aimed at rigging elections,Odinga tells Jubilee

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,20TH JULY 2017-The national Super Alliance NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga on Thursday 20th insisted that the Jubilee government was busy involved in Maneuvers aimed at rigging the August 8 general elections.Addressing  the press at his capital hill office in Nairobi,Odinga revealed that NASA had obtained a later from the  internal circles of the national police service that alluded to the ongoing training of the army with the intention of rigging the coming elections.

Odinga says just as it was the case before the 2013 general elections,when Uhuru sensed defeat and started  carrying out schemes that saw the elections rigged despite the outcome that it was Odinga who won the elections.He says that Jubilee had ruined the economy and had nothing to sell to kenyans in as far as development was concerned resulting to under hand dealings  that are aimed at tempering with the elections.”Uhuru should stand out and be counted as far conducting free and fair elections are concerned”.he said.

Raila further asked the kenya defense forces leadership to stay clear of any scheme that intends to have them involved in rigging elections.He says the Army need to continue with the the good work of guarding the country and not have anything to do with elections.

Odinga  also  accused president Kenyatta  of directing attacks at him about the acting interior CS Fred Matiangi after Odinga claimed that he was  on the verge  of aiding the Jubilee in rigging elections.

On Wednesday 19th July addressing a rally in Taita Taveta president Kenyatta told Odinga to leave Matiangi alone .“Raila, kindly leave my juniors out of the day-to-day political statements that you make. You are competing against me, not Matiang’i. If you are interested in a ministerial job, exercise a little bit of patience; I will appoint you to the Cabinet,” said President Kenyatta

However Odinga says Uhuru was not supposed to be so concerned when Matingi is talked about since he was just a mere cabinet secretary.”Ukitaka kujua mwenye mbwa chokoza yeye” said Odinga.meaning that if you want to know the owner of a dog just provoke it and the owner will come out.

Odinga also asked president Kenyatta to be ready to hand over power peacefully after he losses in the coming elections.


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