President Kenyatta sounds a warning to leaders intending to incite Kenyans into violence.

President Kenyatta sounds a warning to leaders intending to incite Kenyans into violence.

BY KORIR JUMA,CORRESPONDENT,14TH JULY 2017-President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday 14th July has strongly warned politicians who intend to incite Kenyans into violence at this electioneering period that they will not be spared.Speaking  when he lead the nation  in mourning Laikipia senator GG Karuiki at his  burial service  in Laikipia the head of state was categorical that as the country goes towards the general elections no political leader will be allowed to incite Kenyans in any party of the country to fight one another. Uhuru said  political competition should not be a reason  for any leader to incite kenyans into  fighting one another.

In reference to the ever unstable Laikipia situation which has seen different communities living in the region fight one another occasionally the president said the government was on the ground and that they will not be tolerated.”Wewe ukidhani ya kwamba ndio unajua kuchochea utaona kila tutafnya”he said. The president urged Laikipia residents to stay in peace in the spirit of the late senator Karuiki who was a peace loving person. He has also assured the country not to fear as the Nation goes to the elections saying there was enough security for all Kenyans wherever they are.

Deputy president William Ruto also echoed Kenyatta’s sentiments saying kenyans no longer allow any elements taht intends to divide them along tribal,or political basis. The president sentiments followed that of Local leaders including Baringo senator Gideon Moi who read the retired president Moi massage of condolences to the family of the late senator.Moi urged the Laikipia residents to maintain peace  especially as the country goes to the August 8 elections.

The Baringo senator said Laikipia county is known to be the epicenter of ethic violence and fighting urging the residents not to allow to be incited by anybody especially political leaders in the area to fight one another.Other speakers who addressed the meeting also ephasized on the need for all Kenyans to keep  peace  and be their neighbors keeper.

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