The heckling of DP Ruto in Kisumu,NASA leaders in Baringo,Muranga  is a sign of a nation headed the wrong direction

The heckling of DP Ruto in Kisumu,NASA leaders in Baringo,Muranga is a sign of a nation headed the wrong direction

BY EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT,13TH JULY 2017-”When the drums of violence start beating they do not sound the warning that here we are and we are coming”.This should be already  in the minds of all those Kenyans who love this country and will  go to any extend to have it jealously guarded.The events of Wednesday 12th July 2017 at the  campaigns rallies of Jubilee  in Kisumu and the National Super Alliance in Baringo  are most unfortunate indeed.The same thing also witnessed on Thursday  13th Afternoon during a NASA rally In Muranga town.

The heckling of  deputy president William Ruto during a Jubilee rally in Kisumu in the company of president Uhuru Kenyatta    and the same scenario as witnessed in Baringo were NASA principals could not address a rally   at Kabarnet  when youths donning Jubilee t-shirts started shouting down the five principals as they begun addressing a rally should not be happening for heavens sake.

NASA Rally in Baringo on 12th July 2017-COURTSEY

The five NASA principals had a difficult time addressing the crowd, with a section of it shouting: “Nasa waende.UPESINEWS.CO.KE has since established that the youth were deliberately incited and influenced to disrupt the rally  in the name of revenge  (kulipiza kisasi)  after the Jubilee rally  presided over by president Kenyatta and Deputy president William Ruto also almost faced similar predicament   luckily for them they carried out with their rally to the end in Kisumu on the same day.

President Kenyatta and DP Ruto address a rally in KISUMU on 12th July 2017-PSCU

In a country were general elections  have had history of  violence and volatility  these incidents  can not be left unchecked considering we have an election just around the corner.We at UPESIMEDIA  we will continue to remind  the  country that as a nation we must be awake to those indicators that just like in the past have been  assumed  and led to regrets that if had  only we acted on time.In  the general elections of 2007  it all started as joke with isolated cases of incitement  here and  there  before escalating to the worst ever violence  that almost brought the country to its knees.

In a wake of  such indicators the question which lingers in minds of many is that why are concerned parties and institutions still silence.We all expected by this time the National  Cohesion and integration Commission NCIC  and directorate of criminal investigation to to have  made some arrests on   what happened in Kabarnet and Kisumu on Wednesday 12th July 2017.Why is independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission IEBC remaining silence? are we waiting until things escalate to act?

Candidates from the Ruling Jubilee party of  Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto as well as NASA’s five principals need to tame their utterances. In the recent past we have all seen these leaders address various rallies across the country,their tone of voice  not  that of uniting Kenya.We have seen verbal attacks directed at their opponents in the name of  persuading voters  for the sake of support.

This style of doing things among politicians irrespective of status in society should  not be   allowed to continue.It is better to act now than regret that we would rather have acted!

NCIC ought not to just issue threats of arresting.It need to move in and arrest.


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