Mileage,sitting allowance  for MPS  scrapped  in the new pay structure

Mileage,sitting allowance for MPS scrapped in the new pay structure

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,10TH JULY 2017-Members of parliament from both the national assembly and the senate  are among the civil servants majorly affected in the new pay structure released by the Salaries and remuneration commission SRC.The new structure announced Monday by the Commission’s chair Sarah Serem every civil servant from the president to members of the county Assembly have had their salaries reviewed downwards.

The president will now earn a total of kshs 1.44 milion from 1.66 million  per month.The deputy president will now earn kshs 1.227  from kshs 1.4 million.Speakers of both houses the senate and the national assembly will now receive kshs 1.4 milion in salaries as well as leader of majority.  Members of parliament have been hit hard after their Maleage ,sitting,responsibility allowance was scrapped.

Members of parliament will take home kshs 621,250 per month.Governors and their deputies have also not been left aside with their salaries been reviewed down wards.A governor will now take home kshs 924000 per month with their deputies kshs 1.2 milion.

Speaking during the release of the new structure Serem said the move is geared towards checking the ballooning wage bill and bringing down to manageable levels.






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