Investment, not ethnic division, will grow Kenya-Kenyatta

Investment, not ethnic division, will grow Kenya-Kenyatta

By PSCU/JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,5TH JULY 2017- President Uhuru Kenyatta  on Wednesday 5th July said investing in basic services and shunning ethnic divisions were key to combating poverty across the country.

In a campaign tour of Kajiado County, President Kenyatta said investment in better healthcare, energy, schools, roads and better farming were driving Government initiatives to end poverty.

He spoke in Maili 46 and other towns in Kajiado County, home to the Maasai as well as immigrant communities from other parts of Kenya.

It was at Maili 46 that a leading opposition figure urged the Maasai to literally force non-locals to “return to their homes”.

President Kenyatta queried where that home might be if not anywhere they wished to settle in the republic.

“It is this stupidity of war mongering that we must guard against,” the President said. “It is this rhetoric that led to the 2007 violence. Do not allow that madness to take root.”

In Kajiado, President Kenyatta launched a 70-km road, and waived hundreds of millions of shillings of loans owed to the Agricultural Finance Corporation, to allow livestock farmers a fresh start.

“I tell the Maa community, let us keep united. Don’t buy into the violent agenda of our competitors. It will retard development. It will erase gains we have made,” he said.

The President said Jubilee is an inclusive party that represents the interests of all Kenyans unlike the opposition which is pushing divisive and partisan goals.

He said for the last four years the party has worked hard to create a better Kenya for the prosperity of all Kenyans regardless of political, ethnic or religious affiliation.

The President said his Administration has remained focused on promoting the unity of Kenyans unlike the opposition which seems to think dividing Kenyans will make them stronger.

“Kenya has achieved a lot in the last four years and that is as a result of the unity that has existed,” said the President.

President Kenyatta pointed out that the Government has been able to double the number of homes connected to electricity in the last four years and has also upgraded the Kajiado Level 5 Hospital at a cost of Sh430 million.

The county received medical equipment worth Kshs. 810 Million through the  Managed Equipment Services (MES) project.

The Kajiado Level 5 Hospital received theatre, sterilization and surgical sets, 5 dialysis machines and digital imaging and radiology equipment worth Kshs 430 million.

In addition, Loitokitok level 4 Hospital received sterilization and surgical sets, and digital imaging and radiation equipment worth Kshs 380 million.

He said after the completion of the road from Mashuru to Kajiado, the Government will start another phase to extend it to Suswa and Loitokitok to ensure the whole county is interconnected.The president who earlier addressed residents of Ilbisil announced that the government will waive all debts owed to Agricultural Finance coop oration AFC from farmers in Kajiado county as a result of inability to repay starting with the most needy cases.He  also announced that religious leaders from the area will get a tent and a vehicle to use on their activities.

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