Jubilee takes re-election campaigns to Kitui,promise to continue their development agenda

Jubilee takes re-election campaigns to Kitui,promise to continue their development agenda

BY KORIR JUMA,CORRESPONDENT,KITUI,30TH JUNE,2017-President Uhuru  Kenyatta on Friday took Jubilee campaigns to the back yard of  NASA deputy presidential candidate  Kalonzo Musyoka of Kitui  promising that Jubilee government plans to continue with the development agenda started in the past four years.

The president who was accompanied by  deputy president William Ruto  said they wanted to  build on the achievements of  their  first term as  they  continue to unite Kenyans living no community behind in their development  agenda.”Under our leadership no part of the country will lag behind in development”.he said

The president also said that the Jubilee government was  committed to continue spreading transformational projects across the 47 counties.

Addressing Kitui residents  the president expressed  confidence  that Jubilee will win the forthcoming elections and  urged Kitui residents to rally behind our team.

”On the other hand our opponents are only concerned about their personal welfare and how Shs 20 billion will be used to get 4 men jobs”.he added.The president spoke at   Kyuso, Kitui County, appealed to residents to vote for Jubilee saying that as Jubilee they are  focused on transforming the lives of every Kenyan.

President Kenyatta and DP Ruto address a rally in Mwingi-COURTESY

The president earlier on he had Inspected key road in Lower Eastern region and urged residents not to allow opposition to derail project.

On his part the deputy president Willam Ruto accused the opposition of wanting to change the constitution so as to create positions for only for people instead of 45 million Kenyans.

He asked Kitui residents to vote wisely come the 8th of August and keep Jubilee in power so as to be sure of the regions’ development.

Ruto also had issues with funding of the opposition’s campaigns accusing the outfit of using corruption cash to fund their activities.Ruto said the opposition could not be trusted with leadership of the nation adding that theirs was a selfish agenda.

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