The latest plan  by Nelson Marwa for Bonni forest will  surprise you

The latest plan by Nelson Marwa for Bonni forest will surprise you

BY UPESINEWS CORRESPONDENT,29TH JUNE,2017-Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa  on Thursday called  for the bombing of the expansive Boni Forest in Lamu to flash  out Al-Shabaab militants.

Mr Marwa said the Somalia-based  militia had turned the forest into a playground, launching attacks on security personnel and civilians at will.

Many people  have lost their  lives in the region  due to  aseries of attacks mated on them by the group ,others have been injured including police officers and civilians as well as massive  destruction of  property, including schools and churches.

The attacks have increased in the recent past despite the ongoing Operation Linda Boni — the Kenyan security agencies’ effort to fight the militants in counties bordering Somalia.

Mr Marwa threatened to storm the forest and lead the operation to kick out the militia as “I do not fear dying because of Kenyans.”

“I will get in there if they (security personnel) are afraid of getting in (the forest),” he said without providing details about the officers’ fears.

“I cannot just watch people being killed. The forest is in Kenya and not in Somalia. We must get in there.

Speaking during a press briefing at the Mtongwe Channel, Mr Marwa urged Boni residents to keep off the forest to allow the government to deal with the terrorists.

“What you are going to see there has never been seen before,” he said.

“These people made Boni Forest their home and started to stage attacks and then retreat without even running. I can’t understand this myself… we need to bomb that forest,” he said.

It is not  however clear how  Marwa’s order will be implemented as Linda Boni Operation is multi-agency effort.

The operation, led James Ole Serian, is being carried out by the Kenya Defence Forces, the National Police Service, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and other State security agencies.


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